Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Recently a friend of mine (you know who you are!) has placed a thoughtful comment as his screen name on the Windows Live Messenger service. It was not written for me but has spurred me to write a little thought about how you cannot live without your friends.

Taking mine as an example:

We argue......a lot, but friends are able to recover quickly. Especially as there are more guys than girls as the guys get over arguments quicker. - Friends are reliable, they fight and bicker, take sides and split, but they unite on the common ground they all share, we have a love for one another that transcends the way we treat one another.

Friends dont always fall out though; they are the most supportive group of guys 'n' gals after family. For me they are like a second family. For a while they even spent nearly every Saturday at my house for one reason or another. A certain smaller in stature friend of mine did indeed practically live in my house at weekends!

My friends put up with me; this is the biggest thing I thank them for as I seem to be very good at irritating people!

I am aware this is a really rubbish article, but I have written it simply so say thanks to my friends, we will all be moving on to different places soon and will not see each other as much so this is my lil thank younote!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A World Away (Over The Hills)

Today I attended a Duke of Edinburgh's Award meeting with some members of my BB (The 30th Belfast) to be given times for outdoor events which will be training and practice, before the actual Qualifying Expedition.

Having done bronze and spent time in the mountains a lot I know what is coming but it would seem others don't. One such person decided he would like to maybe try the expedition in simple sports trainers!

It looks like it will be more fun - last time a team members bag-straps broke, my foot caught fire, we ran out of fuel, we met up with some pretty nasty wildlife and got stuck in a bog!

Personally I cant wait for it all, I love being outside, its great! I do suffer from a skin condition though and must control sunlight exposure and sweat amounts, which is extra work!

No links this time, oh well!